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This book will explain what the term LOVE SONG means and provide you with an outline of the process to write your own LIFE'S LOVE SONG
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This eBook has given me more insights on how past hurts have impacted my relationships.  I am doing the work to ensure that I stop repeating patterns.  I look forward to going deeper into the Love Song process.

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Natashia Brewer is the creator of the 9 Steps to Writing Your Life's Love Song process.  This process helps you to identify the situations and feelings that are hindering you from experiencing the best that love has to offer.  She created the process to help her move forward when she was separated from her husband.  Once she completed the process, she was whole and the experience led her to write the highly rated book titled Love Song.  She is an author, songwriter, music producer, and speaker.  Her mission is to help heal the hearts of the world.
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